We're sorry to say, we have to close our doors for now.

In the beginning...

When we started Tista Games, our goal was to bring episodic storytelling into the world of video games.

By creating captivating stories, released on a weekly schedule, we wanted keep our players engaged in an evolving story for years instead of just weeks.

With our first game, Tempus Chronicle, we were able to prove that our goals were possible.

SXSW Presentation

Building our team...

We raised a seed round and hired a great team that could build the content and platform for our vision.

After earning accolades from the Game Developer's Conference, Inc. Magazine, Kotaku, the Washington Post, and SXSW, we were on our way.

Our goal now was to build our own content and encourage other developers to follow our lead in creating "The HBO of Games."

A need for speed...

We quickly realized that our small team couldn't create content fast enough to satisfy the player's demand and increase the number of subscribers.

We took our first major pivot: we decided to focus on signing up strategic partners that would give us access to their existing content to fill our library.

Even though our costs for acquiring customers started to increase, our pivot was working - several game developers were interested in collaborating.

Waking the dragon...

After our pivot, we were on track to build the first "Netflix for Video Games."

But word traveled fast within the gaming community and we found out that our idea attracted the attention of some of the big guys.

Most notably, with the announcement of Playstation Now, Sony had made their case for entering the market with strength.

Weighing no options...

Do we raise another round and go after the large incumbent? Do we sell to our competitors?

We had many questions and we did a lot of soul-searching / scrambling to figure out the next move.

But in the end, a lot of the decisions around fundraising and acquisitions were made for us.

There were no options left.

What now?

That was the story of our past four years. It's almost funny how concise the history of a startup can be while the daily struggle is so intense.

We made many mistakes, but learned so much. Our biggest regret is that we couldn't deliver our dream of elevating the power of storytelling in games.

All of our team members have now moved on to other positions, but perhaps one day we'll be able to come together again to make it happen.

In the meantime, if you need to contact us for any reason (business or personal), feel free to email us!

Thanks to our friends, family, investors, and customers for all of the love and support!